Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting into the swing of things

On April 26, I will begin the official 24-week training program for the 3-day walk. The program assumes that you can do a 3 mile walk in one hour with no difficulty. I'm pretty sure that I can do this already. But it's probably no surprise to anyone who knows me that exercise is not a major part of my life. So to be certain that I'm ready to train, and to get myself into a training state of mind, I need to start now.

With juggling a full time job, family activities, and big time commitments to my hobby in the next month, I think it's going to be a challenge. I am going to have to find time to train either in the morning hours before work (ugh - I'm SO not a morning person!) or in the evenings after all the outside commitments are done. It's not really an option for me to take a break at work in the middle of the day, and I can't easily shift my working hours to be earlier or later.

So, given this state of things, I've determined that my best bet is to schedule training time on the calendar. And then if I post my goals here, I'll be more likely to stick to them!

So, here goes:

Apr 1 - evening walk for 30-45 minutes (1.5-2 miles)
Apr 2 - driving out of state all day, unlikely to walk
Apr 3 - morning walk for 45 minutes or more (2+ miles)
Apr 4- morning walk for 45 minutes or more (2+ miles)
Apr 5 - driving home, unlikely to walk
Apr 6 - evening walk for 60 minutes (3 miles)
Apr 7 - evening commitments, no walking

Let's start with this and see how it goes. It's not "typical", because we'll be out of town for the long weekend. But it will be better than nothing.

Would love to hear from you... feel free to leave encouragement, challenges, fightin' words, etc., in the comments! :-)

The Harbor City Titty Committee and Friends!

I'm excited to introduce you to our 3-day walking team - we are the Harbor City Titty Committee and Friends! We are women who met through and sing in the Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus (HCMC), a women-only a cappella barbershop chorus in the Sweet Adelines International (SAI) organization. We also are members in barbershop quartets registered through SAI. Over time, we hope to add more members of our team (that's where the "and Friends" part comes in!)

Nancy D. - our team captain and inspiration, current breast cancer patient, and our friend in HCMC. She's the reason we are here! Nancy sings Tenor in Capri, the current SAI international 6th place quartet!

Jen K. - Nancy's sister, HCMC member, and Lead of Capri, the current SAI international 6th place quartet

Lori D. - HCMC member, Baritone of Lustre, SAI Region 19 2nd place quartet

Lori C. - HCMC member, and Lead of Lustre, SAI Region 19 2nd place quartet

Me, Jenny H. - HCMC member, and Bass of Lustre, SAI Region 19 2nd place quartet.

Over time, we'll be adding team members affiliated with HCMC, other SAI choruses or quartets, and other friends and family.

Go team!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best of intentions

So, it's day two of my walking blog, and still no walking. Bummer! Changing my routine and finding time to fit in all this training is going to be hard.

But not as hard as battling the disease, like one woman in 9 has to do. Not as hard as facing the doctor's diagnosis. Not as hard as waiting for pathology reports, or going through surgery, or reconstruction, or radiation, or chemotherapy.

Not as hard as wondering what the future holds, and whether I'm in it.

I can't even imagine.

So yes, this training thing will be hard to fit in, hard to stay motivated. But I'm going to do it. Because we need a cure.

Will you help? Please donate today.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I signed up - now what?

So, my friends have created a team to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, 60-mile Walk for the Cure in Washington DC in October. I've been looking for a way to contribute more, to be more connected and more participative in the world around me. So here it is. I signed up.

and now I need to figure out what this means... and I guess I should go for a walk, huh?