Sunday, June 27, 2010

Training Walk on the B&A Trail

Some of the Harbor City Titty Committee and Friends

Went for a training walk today with some of the HCTC team members. It was a hot, humid morning here in the Baltimore area, and we definitely felt it! Even starting at 8:15am, the temperature was already in the upper 80's with very high humidity. By the time we finished the car thermometer said it was 91 degrees. I believe it!

The Baltimore & Annapolis Trail is a former railway that used to go between - yep, you guessed it - Baltimore and Annapolis. It has been converted to a recreational trail for bikes, joggers and walkers. There are mileage markers every half mile or so, which of course helps you know just how darn much further you have to go until you get to your car!

Nancy, Lori D, Jen, and Lori C

Today also happens to be my hubbie's birthday, and he was really great to not only not mind that I was out training on his birthday, but to come along too!

Dave and me - Happy Birthday!

We dropped a couple cars at our end point, then drove back to Jen's house and started out from there. It's pretty convenient that she lives very close to the trail! We walked from her house back to the cars we had dropped earlier.

Woohoo for a snowball stand at then end of the walk!

Yum - Cherry!

We walked just over 6 miles in just about 2 hours. That's 6 miles further on our training journey and 6 miles closer to a cure!

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