Sunday, August 22, 2010

Headed out for a training walk...

... even though it's really, really humid and I'll be a stinky, sweaty mess before I get past the bottom of the driveway.

... even though I am tired already.

... even though I have a slight headache.

... even though it will take up all the free time in my Sunday afternoon that I could be using for other things.

... even though my feet and ankles are sore from a short but ill-advised walk in flip flops yesterday.


... I need to train in heat and humidity, because the real walk might be hot and humid.

... I need to get my bootie up off the couch.

... I have not been training enough lately to be really ready for this event in less than 7 weeks.

... many friends and family have contributed their emotional and financial support for my training and fund raising, and I need to honor that.

... there are people who are battling cancer treatments right now who can't spend their Sunday afternoon walking.

... I am healthy and have never had cancer, and want to honor those who have.

OK, I'm off.  

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