Sunday, August 1, 2010

Treasure Sale was a Success!

The HCTC&F team held our Treasure Sale yesterday, and had a fantastic day!  The weather was gorgeous (a little warm but not unbearable), the crowd was pretty steady, and we made some good money. The sale was a hit!

We made money a few different ways:
  • Team members sold their own stuff,
  • Team members sold stuff that others had donated for sale, and
  • The team rented sales table space to friends for a small donation.
At the end of the morning, we gathered up all the left over "treasure" and it was picked up by the Purple Heart truck as charitable donations.  So we left with money in our pockets instead of stuff in our car!

We were so grateful that we got so much help from our friends in the Harbor City Music Company. That's where we got the majority of the donated sales goods, and where most of the extra sales tables came from.  Their support really pushed this into a big sales event that caught the eye of passers by and brought more traffic through.    It was also really cool that we gathered together to do some singing.  We even made a few donations just by singing for the crowd.  :-)
HCTC&F singing for tips
The team effort (table rentals, and sales from donated goods) totaled about $855 - not too shabby!  Team members who had their own sales tables reported profits ranging from about $50 to $300.  My bake sale table ended up with about $150 profit. Not too bad considering that I was supposed to be only selling just a few donuts. ; -)

Baked goods with pink ribbon theme were a hit

Dave helped me sell donuts and a few other things
Nancy D, our HCTC&F Team Captain, and family


  1. What a great event! Your baked goods look DELICIOUS.

    ~ Kristen

  2. Everything looks so fun and wonderful!

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  3. Looks like fun! Glad it was successful! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie