Sunday, May 30, 2010

I once was lost, but now am found

I thought I'd take a walk this morning, venturing a little further afield by trekking through a nearby park and over to the grocery store and bagel shop. I figured I'd make a trip of it, stopping for a tasty bagel at the 3-mile mark, then returning home the same way. I made plans for my kids to meet me over there (3 miles is too much to ask of them on a lazy Sunday morning).

So I started out, headed one street over in my neighborhood, and then went into the woods and into the park via new bridge over the stream that has separated our neighborhood from the park until this spring. After I got into the woods, I was loving the walk - enjoying nature, spotting birds and squirrels and enjoying the trickling stream. I got to the point in the trail where I had planned to pop out into the parking lot and follow the road around to the other side of the park, and I thought "why not continue on the trail a little more? I think it cuts off a corner and will save me some time." I was enjoying the coolness of the greenery around me, and the road would be out in the strong hot sun.

Lesson learned - do not try to find your way through the maze of trails in the woods if you have never looked at the trail map!

I ended up wandering around an extra mile, lost in the trail system. I happened to find a nice man and his four year old son, who were out playing Frisbee Golf in the park. I asked them for direction, then I wandered some more tryign to follow what they had told me. Then I called my son and asked for directions, and he tried to help by looking at Google Earth for me. Then I saw the man and his son again and asked again for directions. The father took pity on me and walked with me out to the main road of the park. Thank you kind sir!

I eventually did make it to the bagel shop - and I did meet my kids there for breakfast. My son had in the meantime looked online and had better instructions for my return trip. My walk home was very uneventful and actually pretty short, all things considered.

The trip out: 1hour 25 minutes, and 3.3 miles according to Map My Walk:

The trip home: 48 minutes, and 2.3 miles according to Map My walk:

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