Thursday, July 8, 2010

Training on Vacation - Part 3 - Owasso, OK

More walking today.  I did 5 miles with David in the morning around the lake, once again being attacked by the geese there - they have a vendetta against us now, I'm positive of it.  The morning was heavy and humid with rain that had just stopped. It was not hot, per se, but very muggy and there was no breeze, meaning that it felt like we were walking in a steamy sauna.

We came home after 5 miles for a break.  David had errands to run, so I headed out again for another 5 miles on my own.  This time I was kind of bored with the lake loop, so I headed for a major road and walked two miles out and two miles back on the sidewalk.

It's amazing that I felt like a slacker on that part of the walk.  This is because I was passed on mile 1 by a jogger, and then after I'd gone out and turned around, I was passed again on mile 4 by the same jogger who was returning along the same path as me.  How much further had she gone, and had she jogged the whole way?  Wow!

After the 4th mile, I wanted to do another but was back at my starting point. So I headed over to the lake again and did two more laps around.  Finally, walking back to the house brought my second walk total to just over 5 miles, and my daily total to just over 10 miles.

This is the first day I've done that much - and it feels good.

Of course, it only feels good emotionally. Physically I'm totally wiped out!  I have been sleepy and hungry all day and am pretty much good for nothing!

Tomorrow we move on to the next phase of our vacation, flying out to San Diego to visit my sister and her family.  Not sure when the next official training walk will be, but I'm sure I'll be getting some serious walking in at least via sight seeing.  Can't wait!

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