Thursday, July 15, 2010

Training on Vacation - Part 5 - Disneyland and California Adventure

Wow, can't believe I'm still on vacation!  Taking two weeks off at once is really a luxury! During this latest portion of our vacation, we visited Disneyland Resort and California Adventure in Anaheim, CA.  We are big Disney World fans in our house, so this was an exciting trip to see what the original Disney park is all about.

All in all, we took three days to do Disney "right" here in California.  Day 1 we drove up to Anaheim from San Diego, and spent the day in Disneyland park.  Day 2 was spent in California Adventure park, and Day 3 we went back to Disneyland for a short wrap-up, then drove back to San Diego.

Anyone who has been to a Disney theme park knows that you spend all day on your feet!  I couldn't decide if this would translate into great 3-day training days, or horrendous days.  On the one hand (foot), I would be standing and/or walking almost all day.  On the other, I wouldn't be covering much ground, and I expected a low total mileage due to the stopping and standing that I'd be doing all day.

Once I got back to the internet, I used to see how far I had walked.  I had done this with our day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and it worked pretty well to get a rough estimate for miles walked during the day.

According to my estimates, it looks to me like we got the following mileage at Disneyland:

Day 1:  Disneyland:  about 6 miles
Day 2:  California Adventure:  about 5.5 miles
Day 3:  Disneyland:  about 4 miles

Again, the first two of these days were spread out over the course of 12 hours or more, and the third day was about 4 hours.  So, this was not blazingly fast speed walking or anything, and certainly doesn't count as a long-mileage training day.

But overall, I am going to say that going on vacation to Disneyland is a good thing from the 3-day training perspective.  I think the miles and the hours spend standing up all count toward a useful training regime for the big 3-day event.

And it was tons of fun, too!  :-)

(hope to add photos later...)


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  2. Yes, we definitely enjoyed it! We are BIG Disney fans! :-)