Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling Inspired and Motivated Today

So today is my first official day of the 24-week training program for the Washington DC 3-Day walk in October. And while I've been slowly getting ready in the past few weeks by fitting in two or three walks per week, this is the first real week where I'm expecting to really stick to a training routine.

I didn't start the day off feeling inspired. Rather, I slept too late to get in a walk in the morning, and had no time to walk at work. When I got home, I had a free evening (the first in a few months, it seems), and so I hoped to do a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. But things happened, and it got late and dark, and the walk didn't happen.

But, I didn't want to give up on my first real training day.

So, I asked my wonderful husband to pull the old treadmill out of the back storage room and set it up for me in front of the TV. Then I turned on the Biggest Loser (my favorite show!) and walked 3 miles on the treadmill while I watched. This particular episode was especially motivating, showing the contestants encouraging overweight Texans to complete their first 5K run/walk, and encouraging them to begin a weight loss and fitness journey.

I walked and considered the fact that I'm so much more healthy than some of those people on the show, but that I still have a long way to go to be really healthy. I walked and considered the fact that I'm fortunate to have a treadmill at home, so that I can still get my walks in even if the weather is bad or the day gets away from me and it's too late to walk outside safely. I walked and considered the fact that I'm blessed to have a team of friends with whom to walk on this 3-day journey. I walked and reflected on that fact that part of me wanted to just get off the treadmill and sit down -- what was that all about? Where was that coming from? I pushed through those feelings, and kept going until I'd reached the 3-mile mark. I took my motivation from the thought that if the contestants on the Biggest Loser could do it, then I knew could too.
I came upstairs after my walk, feeling very satisfied and motivated.

Then I sat down to my computer to find that I'd received another donation for my 3-day fundraising goals. Thanks very much, Kate! So that put a really nice finish on the happy motivational evening!

What inspired or motivated you today?

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