Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Wow, less than one week after adding Google AdSense to my blog, I've already earned $43 for the cure! Thanks to all of you out there who are visiting the advertised websites, thereby earning easy money for Breast Cancer research. Please keep it up! It's a win-win!

In other news, I had a great walk tonight. I went on the new 3-mile loop that I discovered last Saturday and chronicled in this post, wearing the new shoes that I wrote about in this post. The shoes felt pretty good. Yay! I was strolling through the nearby private school grounds, and came upon a herd of deer. There were about 15 of them, including some new fawns and lots of yearlings and older does. They were beautiful, and I'm so glad I saw them. Also tonight as I walked, I enjoyed dusk falling over the neighborhood, and the sliver of a crescent moon in the evening sky. And the smell of flowering shrubs throughout the neighborhood. And the cool evening air. And the calming effect of a nice walk after a stressful day. :-)

Finally, to wrap up Random Thought Thursday, please check out this article from the 60 Mile Thoughts blog. This is a very thoughtful and inspirational essay, reminding me why the 3-day is important, and why I'm walking.

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