Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm walking for Eve S.

Eve S. and I both sing in HCMC, and have known each other casually for about 6 or 7 years. While we haven't really socialized outside of the chorus, we have had regular interaction as acquaintances who share the same hobby and the same goals for success on a large team of women. I can't say we know each other very closely, but Eve has been an inspiration to me in ways she probably doesn't know. Until this post. ;-)

Eve was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. I remember that she announced her diagnosis at the end of a chorus rehearsal, and I remember being so surprised at her upbeat, positive-minded attitude. I mean, she had just been given the big, bad news of Cancer with a capital C, and she was smiling and laughing.

In fact, smiling is the only expression I can ever recall seeing on Eve's face. She's just that way. She is so fun and light hearted and happy all the time. Really. All the time! So to hear her talking about this cancer in this way was true to her personality, but it seemed so unreal to me!

As time went on, Eve had various treatments and would miss rehearsals for a while, then come back tired but still smiling. I don't know the details of her treatment, don't know what she went through, don't know if she had rough times or not. I do know that she had chemotherapy as part of her treatment, and she lost her hair.

But when this happened, she had the most amazing reaction. She sent out a status email to the HCMC members, and in that note she said that she was outside enjoying the beautiful day on her patio. She was combing her fingers through her hair, and it would gently float out of her hand on the breeze. She said that she was happy thinking that her hair would serve as the material for birds to build their nests and begin a new cycle of life in nature. It brought her joy to give the gift of her hair to her world around her.

Reading that note just captured my heart. It struck me that I spend too much time focusing on the negative, feeling sorry for myself. I don't take enough time to look for the positive, to find the silver lining in every storm cloud. I was in awe of Eve. (I still am!)

Eve is now going strong. She is a survivor! Her hair has grown back, and her optimism and cheerfulness never left. She continues to give a thousand percent effort to our chorus. I am very thankful that I have Eve in my life. I hope her cancer is gone forever.

And so I'm walking to honor her.

Thank you, Eve!

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