Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm walking for Alta P.

Alta P. is a singer in the Harbor City Music Company. She is a somewhat quiet person, someone who does not seek the limelight. She contributes to the chorus, and the Sweet Adelines Region 19, with steady, dedicated and very effective service in a variety of ways. In addition, she sings in Joint Venture Quartet (JVQ), and shares her gift of harmony with audiences throughout Maryland. She is friendly, smart, funny, and talented.

And she is a breast cancer patient.

Alta tends to shy away from attention, so when she was diagnosed with cancer, she kept it to herself for a while, only letting the chorus know when she was due to have her treatment procedures. She has been quiet, answering inquiries about her progress, but not seeking attention. She says that she has been participating in some experimental treatments. She is having radiation therapy, but no chemo. She says that her case was caught early, thanks to a regular mammogram.

I hope that Alta is going to be ok. I hope her treatments are working, eradicating the ugly cancer from her body forever. I hope she is healed, in body, heart and soul, and has a long, happy life.

I hope that no more of our HCMC sisters are ever diagnosed with breast cancer. We've had enough, thank you very much. But the statistics say that 1 of every 8 women will have breast cancer. We have 64 women in our chorus. So, figure the odds. I'm guessing Alta won't be the last of our chorus sisters who have to face this horrible diagnosis.

This is why I'm walking.

So that we can find a cure.

So that we can save lives.

So that everyone can have a lifetime.

Won't you please donate to the cause?

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