Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Training: Planned vs. Actuals this week

So, in a previous post this week, I outlined what I was hoping to accomplish in my first week of pre-training. My goal is to get into the routine of walking as outlined in the official 24-week training plan, so that I can jump right in already accustomed to the schedule.

I noted in this earlier post that I would be walking this past week on Thursday evening, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday evening. I'm happy to report that I did accomplish my goals for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but that I did not walk on Tuesday. I found it too difficult to fit in to the day's routine. I have some head-game work to do in order to get into the right swing of things, and I have to be more rigorous about scheduling things to fit it all in.

So, for the most part, I'm pleased, but have some work to do to get really on track.

Here's the new plan for the next few days:

Thu Apr 8 - squeeze 30 min (1.5 mi) in between coming home from work and evening commitments
Fri Apr 9 - cross-train 20 min after work
Sat Apr 10 - 1 hour (3 mi) in the morning
Sun Apr 11 - 1 hour (3 mi) in the morning

After this, I hope to get onto a Monday-Sunday weekly routine, and will post weekly goals on that schedule.

Here goes!

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