Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm walking for Nancy D.

Nancy D. is the inspiration behind our 3-Day team, and the reason that I signed up to walk. She is a current breast cancer warrior. She was diagnosed the day before her 42nd birthday, which was a few days before Christmas. Just in time for her wedding anniversary and right before Valentine's Day, she had a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. And now for Easter she is sporting a new "chrome dome" as she says due to her chemotherapy. The last few months of her life have brought challenges that I would never, ever want to go through in my life - yet Nancy says she is lucky.

Lucky is not exactly the word that comes to mind. But that is her reaction to this mess of a disease. (Read her story in her own words here.)

Nancy is such an amazing woman. She is an incredibly talented singer in Capri and HCMC. She is one of the funniest people I know, with a razor-sharp wit that keeps everyone rolling with laughter. She lights up a room with her sparkling presence. She has friends all over the world, and she's just one of those people that everyone wants to know because she's so approachable, so honestly down-to-earth and just so alive.

Many of us in HCMC (and I'm sure other parts of her life) have watched her in amazement as she has tackled these last few months. She is handling her diagnosis, treatment and recovery one day at a time. She is not freaking out. She is laughing, and loving, and looking ahead. She's exhibiting a strength that I think we all hope we have, but secretly fear that we don't. She is showing us that it's possible to face this diagnosis with grace and with strength. She gives us all hope that we might be that strong too.

And so I walk to honor Nancy. And to thank her for showing us all how it's done.

Thanks, Nancy.

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