Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walking in the Neighborhood: A 3-mile Loop

This weekend I broke out of the confines of my immediate neighborhood and ventured to a nearby one for a 3-mile walk. I had never walked this particular route before. I guess I considered it "too far". But if I stay in my own 'hood, then I typically do a 1.5 mile out-and-back. That particular route gets pretty boring pretty soon, so I'm happy I found a new route to change things up a bit and give some new scenery.

The weather on this particular morning was gorgeous. It was a crystal clear blue sky, bright sun, and cool breeze. The trees and spring flowers were in full bloom, making the neighbors' yards beautiful to pass by.

The walk started out with about .6 miles in my neighborhood - ho hum, been there, done that a million times.

Then I took a new turn and headed up into a local private school grounds. I walked around the campus, which included a number of different buildings and some pretty, peaceful statue gardens.

Then, down a long wooded access road - this was my favorite part of the walk.

Next, along a busy rural road. OK, so it doesn't look incredibly busy here...

Then into the next neigborhood over from mine.

I saw the most adorable sight on this bright Saturday morning.

The walk took me out onto another rural road,

which passes by a state park trail head. Beautiful woodland scenes.

Finally, the route turns back into my own neighborhood and home.

All told, the route was 3 miles exactly, according to Google Pedometer.

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