Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Update

Here it is again, another Monday. Another Monday update. :-)

My goals for last week were to walk on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, for one hour and 3 miles each time.

Actuals for last week:
Tuesday: no walking, but I did go buy shoes
Thursday: One hour, 3 miles, after work and dinner. Yay! I fit it in on a weekday!
Saturday: one hour, 3 miles - yay! a beautiful walk in the morning, was home before 8:15am!
Saturday night: one hour ten minutes, 3 miles at the U-MD Relay For Life with Mike
Sunday night: 45 minutes of fun on the Wii Fit

So I didn't make all the walking goals, but I did fit in some extra exercise on Sunday. I'm still learning how to fit training walks in on weekdays. One of these days I'll get the hang of it.

Training goals for this week:
Tuesday: one hour, 3 miles - this is gonna have to be before work if it's gonna happen.
Thursday: one hour, 3 miles - this is gonna have to be BRIGHT AND EARLY since I go out of town for the weekend on Thursday starting at 8am.
Friday and Saturday: I'm out of town, and won't have any time to walk
Sunday: one hour, 3 miles after I get back in town

I sent out email letters to a lot of people this week. I have so far sent to family, work friends, Girl Scout friends, high school and college friends. I have so far received $150 in donations from those emails - thank you very much, Wynette and Suzie!

I continue to post Google Ads on my blog as a small fundraiser. It has so far earned about $43 for the cause. I hope that readers will continue to click through to those ads that interest them, to investigate new products, services or other interesting websites, etc. You never know what good stuff you might find on those advertisers' websites!

I've brainstormed some ideas for fundraising events with my team mates, but haven't really followed through on any of them yet. I need to get through this weekend of barbershop singing competition before I really have any brainpower to put toward something else.

Goals for this week:
It's going to be tough to do much the rest of this week because of the other stuff going on in life. I will focus on getting out of bed on Tuesday and Thursday morning to get in a training walk. If I accomplish that, I will consider myself ahead of the game!

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